Meet WAEF Graduate Lauren Brandt!

I am indeed graduating this spring. I was on the fence about grad school until recently, but I am currently looking for a job/career! I have become increasingly interested in farm compliance with food safety certification. My ideal job would involve working with tree fruit, and spending at least some of my days outside.

I would not have a college degree without the help of WAEF scholarships. The financial support was instrumental in helping me to keep my college loans at a minimum, but WAEF scholarships are invaluable for reasons beyond the financial. The dinners during fall semester and winter break, as well as the care packages when classes become extremely stressful, provide emotional support that lets students know that there is someone out there that believes I will be successful. WAEF helped me to find an internship with the career tour in 2015, which was an incredible experience. I also love the feeling of being able to give back to such generous donors by volunteering at the annual golf tournament, and in so doing thank them face to face for their help. -Lauren Brandt, Yakima

Update!  We are excited to share that Lauren is now working for Kershaw Companies as a horticulture assistant.  She shared she is enjoying this experience and learning a great deal.   Lauren's good new continues.  She is getting married later this summer and the new couple will make their home in Yakima.