Meet WAEF Graduate Guadalupe Gutierrez Rangel

"This scholarship has been a blessing in my life. I come from a low-income family, my parents could help me financially to pay for school.  Going to college was not an option for me until I started looking for ways to pay for my education and WAEF made it possible. WAEF has been not only my financial supporter but also motivational supporter.
     WAEF helped me to meet professionals in my field of study, helped me to gain knowledge about the tree fruit industry, strengthen my skills and make connections. Therefore, I want to thank WAEF and all the generous donors that make these scholarships possible.        
     This scholarship had a great impact in my life; thanks to this scholarship among others I am graduating from the university debt free. This is because of the generosity of people that have decided to invest in my career not taking into consideration that they do not know me, but instead believing that I am worth it, this means a lot to me. I thank my scholarship donors for their trust and generosity. I wouldn't be where I am without the support of all the scholarships that I received from WAEF.

         - Guadalupe Gutierrez Rangel

Guadalupe graduates from Washington State University next month with a degree in business administration, emphasis accounting.  She's been a WAEF student all of her undergraduate years giving us time to get to appreciate and admire her.  In addition to being a full-time student, Guadalupe is a mom and wife.

Guadalupe and family will be moving to Tri-Cities this summer for her husband to now attend college full-time while Guadalupe supports the family financially.  She is looking for a position where she can utilize her education and make significant contributions to her employer.  A job in the tree fruit industry is a great fit!