Maintaining a Strong Online Presence

The Washington Apple Education Foundation is certainly not new to the online community. Our website is the hub of all the information needed to understand who and what we are all about: the charity of the tree fruit industry with the mission of impacting lives through access to educational opportunities. If you haven't been to our website lately, please check out our updated features including: new banners featuring the artwork from the 2015 Year of the Apple contest winner, clearer website navigation with drop down menus on the home screen, photos of the members of the WAEF board of directors and staff, employer job posting forms, and an online calendar of events.

This year, we will be focusing on strengthening outreach through our various social media profiles, primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How will these efforts impact WAEF you might ask? Here are a few reasons why this type of outreach is meaningful.

Maintaining a social media presence is seen as an opportunity to efficiently communicate information about the Foundation's activities and values to a broad audience. Every post on a social media platform is a chance for students, donors, volunteers or other to be exposed to what WAEF has to offer. Building an active following increases the likelihood of new opportunities, or at the very least raises awareness of WAEF's mission.

The social media community is diverse and made up of a vast range of age groups. Each group has a different set of needs and a variety of social media platforms means reaching and understanding groups individually. Specifically, student-aged groups show higher social networking usage. This means more student traffic to our profiles and webpage, which could generate more scholarship applicants.  Most importantly, these profiles are a FUN way to communicate with many people at once!

We are excited about these opportunities and ask that if you are a social media user- please visit our pages! Follow us, like us, comment on and share our posts. Help us expose WAEF to a broader audience and allow this foundation to grow!

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