Where do you find employees with the right mix of internal drive, fresh ideas and a family history in the tree fruit industry? In a WAEF student!

WAEF currently has 225 students on college campuses. Most of our students have a financial need to work during the summer months and want to find opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the work place while gaining experience necessary to their future career success.

As the vast majority of our scholarship recipients see themselves returning to their home communities to begin their careers and establish themselves in their communities, what a perfect time to introduce them to tree fruit industry opportunities and preview the future talent pool!

Students have reached out to us looking for employment assistance.  Below is an overview of current WAEF internship and summer job seekers.  If you have internships or summer jobs that will help this talented group gain necessary experience, please contact us at jennifer.witherbee@waef.org. We have resumes on file for most students listed and regularly are in communication with others.

Melisa is a Wenatchee student currently attending CWU. She has experience working in the warehouse and wants to return to a warehouse position where she can gain office type experience. She has a dual major in mathematics and elementary education.

Sandra is in her second year at WSU in the elementary education program. She will return to Mattawa next month and is looking for a summer job where she can gain transferable skills.

Eduardo is a freshman at WSU. His current interests are policy and governance and broadcast communications. Gaining office experience, exposure to marketing/communications and the regulatory fields would be beneficial for him. He resides in Wenatchee.

Madai is an accounting student at CWU with many years on campus in the HR department. She believes she is on a path to gain her CPA credentials but is still really curious about other areas of business and finance. She has strong work experience already in offices. Madai is seeking an internship in the Yakima area.

Marisol is a freshman at Eastern with intentions to gain a degree in mechanical engineering. Opportunities to gain a perspective on mechanical engineering in the tree fruit industry would be beneficial to her while providing an employer with a capable employee to assist with operations. Marisol is from Wenatchee.

Cameron is a freshman at CWU student looking for an internship in a biological, chemical or medical research field. Cameron will spend his summer in the Yakima area.

Cesar is a junior at WSU. He would like to find a summer job where he can put his information management/IT skills to work. Cesar will likely return to Wenatchee for the summer break.

Darci is a Brewster student recently completing his AA degree. His education will continue in computer systems at Eastern Washington University. He would like a summer job/internship in the Brewster area to gain IT experience while contributing to a company.

Mariela will spend her summer break in Brewster. She is a nursing student and would like to gain transferable experience. Mariela currently is a CNA.

Jackelyn graduates with her degree in kinesiology next month. Her next step is grad school! This summer she will be in the Wenatchee/Quincy area and is looking for employment or internship that will help her gain transferable experience.

Roberto graduates from CWU this summer with a degree in education. He would like to find a summer job working with kids in Yakima.

Miguel needed to make a shift in his plans due to an injury. Instead of entering the police academy, he is looking to explore other options, possibly in the fish & wildlife field. He is looking for summer employment in Yakima.

WAEF students are driven, capable of working independently and their applications (scholarship apps) have already been reviewed by a tough selection committee :).

Additionally we have nearly 50 students graduating from college this spring. Some students have lined up career positions while others have aspirations of grad school.

Below is a partial list of students seeking their first career positions.

Guadalupe will receive her business administration degree in May. She plans to live in the Tri-Cities area and is seeking her first career job.

Raul graduates next month and is looking to move forward with an accounting firm, insurance company or bank in the Tri-Cities area.

Lauren graduates this spring with her degree in fruit & vegetable management from WSU. She is looking for a career in the tree fruit industry in Yakima.

Roxy will graduate next month with a double major in psychology/Spanish. She would like to begin her career in the Tri-Cities area working with young people.

Cecilia graduates from CWU this summer. She would like to begin her career in the Yakima area in health education.

If you have job listings you would like us to get out to students, email your listing to waef@waef.org or download our summer job posting form.

Thank you!