The WAEF Wish List

The WAEF Wish List

Each year when the exhaustive selection process ends we thank the generous volunteers that spend hours reviewing applications and assessing applicants ensuring the right student is selected for each award.  We know they battle over decisions and have not been provided an easy task.  But how did they miss these amazing students?!?!

WAEF students are just that good.  The WAEF Wish List is filled with students that overcome significant obstacles and have proven they are worth the investment.  Many WAEF scholarships have tight criteria that recognize students with specific familial backgrounds in the industry and/or plans for the future.  Wish List students broadly qualify for WAEF awards; there are no "seconds" on the Wish List.

For the past few years we've brought this list to you and asked you to grant our wish for these young people to experience college, gain an education and bring their training and drive back to our communities.

WAEF Wish List

Please contact WAEF executive director Jennifer Witherbee with questions about students on the list or to discuss awarding a scholarship to one of these qualified contenders. 

We ask that commitments be made by May 5th so award announcements can occur the following week. 

Thank you for your generous consideration!