Volunteer Spotlight: Interview with Geraldine Warner

Geraldine Warner has been a long time friend to WAEF, at one time even being an office neighbor in the Apple Commission building. For these reasons, we are excited to share a small part of her personal story and involvement with WAEF to our readers.

     Geraldine is a trained journalist who grew up in Yorkshire, England. Her professional career before moving to the US notably includes having worked for the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland and UNESCO in Paris, France among other newspapers in England. Geraldine first visited Wenatchee as an exchange editor for six months with the Wenatchee World in 1983. During this time she met her husband, Tracy Warner, editorial page editor at the Wenatchee World, which prompted her permanent move to the area after they married in 1986. Geraldine freelanced, doing mainly agricultural writing for several years. Geraldine made a strong presence in the tree fruit industry during her many years as editor of the Good Fruit Grower magazine from 1992 until she recently retired in 2015.

     It has been clear during her volunteer efforts with WAEF that Geraldine has a passion for helping students succeed, "I appreciate that WAEF provides opportunities for young people to fulfill their personal potential and ultimately become valuable members of the community...I enjoy meeting with students who are working hard to excel. It gives me optimism about the future." It is fitting that her main volunteer areas are within our youth sponsored programs, the judging of both the Year of the Apple art contest and the North Central Washington Spelling Bee for a number of years. Geraldine has always evoked encouragement and thoughtfulness in her roles as a judge for these programs. She also participates as a seating attendant during the Scholarship Celebration Luncheons each year.

     Geraldine and her husband Tracy continue to maintain residence in Wenatchee. They have one daughter Madeleine. Since retired, Geraldine has more time to focus on hobbies. She is a fiber artist and the chair of the North Central Washington Quilt and Fiber Arts Festival (held in Wenatchee next September). Her favorite tree fruit is the cosmic crisp apple.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
— Winston Churchill