Catching up with WAEF grads!

WAEF alumni gathered for the third annual WAEF breakfast earlier this month at the WSTFA Annual Meeting.

13 guests attended the breakfast and we got to see many others at the convention.

Attending the alumni breakfast were Hannah (Podlich) Poush with Auvil Fruit, Noelle (Poldlich) Evans with Semios, Mark Stennes of Stennes Fruit, Jorge Zavala with Taylor Orchards, Lisa (Bauer) Brain with Agrimanagement, current WAEF students John Haas, Dianna Sanchez, Ivan Mendoza and Jesus Ramirez, Nate Rubio of Washington Fruit & Produce, Xochitl Velazquez with Cashmere Valley Bank, John Grubb with Stemilt and Allison Podlich independent massage therapist.  (Alumni and students shown in photo above in close the order listed.)

Also checking in with WAEF during the convention were recent grads Lauren (Brandt) Gonzalez and Flor Maldonado now working for Kershaw Companies, Lance Dugan from Stadelman Fruit, Kevin Stennes from Chelan Fresh, Alfredo Reyes with Washington Fruit & Produce, Brian Tee with Husch & Husch, Rachel Miller from Crunch Pak and we can't leave out the chairman of the WAEF board of directors, Kailan Dunn.

WAEF has recently began efforts to increase communications with our former scholarship recipients and our alumni association is growing!  The alumni association provides an avenue for our past scholarship recipients to provide opportunities for current and future students through financial support and volunteerism.

Tracking down current contact information for grads is proving to be a challenge!  If you are a former scholarship recipient, let us know where you're at now and what you're doing.  If you know of a former recipient, forward this email to them and ask them to reconnect.

To learn about the alumni association or to join, visit