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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What should I do if the WAEF general scholarship application doesn't appear after I fill out my profile? To receive a match for the general WAEF scholarship application, you need to identify your relationship with the tree fruit industry, if applicable.  The general WAEF scholarship application is for students who are employed in the tree fruit industry or whose parents are employed/connected to the tree fruit industry.  If you plan to work in  the tree fruit industry you can also receive consideration through the general application.  You can identify your tree fruit industry relationship in your washboard profile under the “personal information” tab.  The questions reads: “Do you or your parents work in or own a business in the any of these industries?”  Tree Fruit Industry is one of the options listed.  It must be checked for the general WAEF scholarship application to appear as a match.  Important: you should only check this box if you or your parents currently works for or own a company that deals with  apples, cherries or pears or if the you plan to work in a company that deals with apples, cherries or pears in the future.
  • I am planning on getting my master’s degree after I complete my bachelors. Should I indicate that on my profile? It is not necessary to indicate that you are pursuing any other degree higher than a bachelor’s. Since we do not offer scholarships to students pursuing a master’s degree make sure that you indicate that you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or you will not be matched to the Washington Apple Education Foundation’s scholarships.
  • Should I fill out all of the scholarship applications that I am matched to? WAEF has several applications on thewashboard.  Each has unique criteria.  It is possible that a student may receive more than one “match” with WAEF.  Please encourage students to complete each application match they receive from WAEF.  They do not need to create any new information to do this.  Students should use the same letters of reference, short answers and essay questions for each WAEF application they submit.  They will receive individual consideration for each application they submit.  Electing to complete just one of multiple matches will reduce the number of awards they receive consideration for at WAEF.
  • Should I answer the question on my profile that says “type of funding needed?”  Yes. Even if you don’t know exactly what expenses you will need the scholarship money for you will still need to check the boxes specifically for tuition, room & board, and fees in order for the washboard to match you to the Washington Apple Education Foundation scholarships. If you have completed your profile and haven’t been matched with our scholarship, please return to your profile and make sure that question is answered.
  • My parent received a notice about a company scholarship. How do I apply for it? If you have a parent or if you are employed with one of the firms listed under "activities", please identify the relationship by selecting the company name.  It is mandatory for some scholarships, not all WAEF scholarships, that a parent be employed at one of these firms.  Some of these employer based scholarships are large and so it is helpful to read the list carefully before continuing. 
  • What should I include with my application? In addition to the application, we request a number of attachments. Two of these attachment forms will download to the student with the application. These two attachments must be completed, saved and attached to the application.  Both are fill-in pdf forms. Some students have struggled with this and we believe it depends on the Adobe version they are using. If possible, please encourage students to download the newest free version of Adobe Reader (http://www.adobe.com/products/reader.html). This issue has also occurred when the browser a student is using isn’t compatible.  You can switch to the Firefox browser and might find success. If nothing else works, please submit the forms blank and then mail the completed versions to us. If you chose this route, the completed forms must be postmarked by March 1, 2013.