1924 - 2008


Jacquelyn Horan McDougall was born in Wenatchee in 1924 to John Rankin and Helen (Vandivort) Horan. The family lived in the home built by Wenatchee pioneers Michael and Margaret Horan.

Ms. Horan attended local schools and graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1942. She continued her education at Washington State College (now Washington State University) graduating in 1946 with degrees in foreign language and music. Ms. Horan was a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at Washington State and served as business manger to the college’s newspaper, The Evergreen.

Ms. Horan became Mrs. McDougall in 1947 when she married Robert Duncan McDougall in Wenatchee. Three sons were born of the marriage: Douglas, Stuart and Scott. The McDougall family resided in the old Horan home where Jackie and her siblings were raised.

The McDougall family tended the Horan fruit packing facility and orchard property for many years, later building the fruit packing and growing operation of McDougall and Sons, Inc.. It continues its operation led now by her sons Scott and Stuart and her grandson Bryon.

Mrs. McDougall was active in many organizations, with a large percentage of her time spent in support of civic responsibilities. She was a member of the League of Women Voters, and president of Chelan County Republican Women and the Washington State Republic Women. Mrs. McDougall represented the state as delegate to the National Republic Convention when Richard Nixon was selected as the party’s nominee.

Locally, Mrs. McDougall was a member of the YMCA board of directors and area coordinator of its youth and government program. She was appointed to the region’s Selective Service Local Board.

Her professional career included stints on the board of directors at Horan Brothers, Incorporated, and as president and officer manager of Mac’s Pak Fruit Company. Later in life, Mrs. McDougall became a counselor for the local alcohol and drug treatment center where she helped many people turn to a life of sobriety. Her ability to fluently converse in Spanish allowed the center to extend its services to Spanish speaking members of the community.

The children of Mrs. McDougall created the Jacquelyn Horan McDougall Memorial Scholarship in her honor. Recipients of the award are children of McDougall and Sons employees who have achieved top scholastic honors in high school while actively engaging in service to their school and community.