Alma Arias

Alma Arias is the Human Resources Manager for Kershaw Companies/Domex.  She began in this role soon after her graduation from Central Washington University in 2011 with a major in Business Administration and an emphasis in human resources.

Kershaw Companies offers two scholarships through WAEF for children of their employees.  Alma began working with the foundation to increase awareness of their awards internally and quickly became engaged in other areas of the foundation’s work.  As a recent college graduate, she had a unique perspective on the role of scholarships in funding higher education.

 Alma was one of the first members to join the then forming WAEF student stewardship committee and began providing resources to students on the importance of crafting resumes to their target audience.  In addition to contributions to the student stewardship committee, Alma serves on the WAEF scholarship selection committee.

 Alma was raised in the Yakima area.  She has a daughter that attends Eisenhower High School.