John Daniel Gebbers


John Daniel “Danny” Gebbers was the son of Dan Gamble and the son of John Gebbers and Martha Gamble Gebbers.  He was born in Omak in 1930.

Danny Gebbers grew up with his family’s business operations working in the sawmill, orchards, apple warehouse and cattle ranch during the Great Depression.  He learned from his parents and others developing an interest and appreciation for the land and its bounty.  Danny developed a skill allowing him to identify advantageous ways of planting and planning to maximize land potential. 

As a young man he attended Brewster schools graduating in 1948.  It was during those years he developed his skill in roping and earned the title of Champion in the Brewster Derby Days Rodeo in 1951.

To please his mother, Danny attended Eastern Washington State College.  He left after one year electing to immediately put to use his imagination and knack for identifying opportunities. 

Danny became business partners with long-time friend Ed Pariseau.  Together they embraced use of technology and became early users of controlled atmosphere storage and brought one of the first pre-sizers to the area.  Danny established a Granny Smith orchards in 1968, one of the very first in the US and followed with it late-developing Lapin cherries prolonging the cherry market.

Danny’s mother, Martha, was one of the original users of the Bracero guest worker program during World War II.  Employees working for the company at the time became personal friends over the years.  Danny realized the hardworking men and women employed in the company were integral to the business operation and created partnerships and other opportunities for many.

Danny married fellow Brewster High School graduate Reba Riggan in 1950.  They had six children, five who grew into adulthood, Jody, Mac, Sonya, Cass and Danna.  At the time of his death, four of their children were living in Brewster along with 14 of their 20 grandchildren.  It was one of his primary goals to develop a business operation large enough for his family to work with him and each have roles.

The scholarship in memory of Mr. Gebbers was established his family and friends to assist students that share Danny’s skills, attitudes and aptitudes.