1907 - 1967


Dr. Jack Batjer came to Wenatchee from West Virginia as a young research scientist for the United States Department of Agriculture. His position was as a principal Plant Physiologist and he enjoyed working outdoors and sharing the outcomes of his various research projects.

He insisted his research work be of the highest quality and his rigid discipline created broad success where others might have failed. But there was more than just discipline in his character, for he brought inspiration to all with whom he worked.

His interest in people was genuine and personal. His extensive industry knowledge coupled with his personable nature made him a much sought after speaker for growers groups, fellow scientists, and the industry as a whole. Associates noted that whenever they had the opportunity to be in Jack’s company they came away knowing more because of their encounter with him.

Dr. Batjer was an officer of the Washington State Horticultural Association, serving on the board of directors of the association at the time of his death.

He was survived by his wife Irene and two sons.

The Dr. Jack Batjer Memorial Fund was created by the Washington State Horticultural Association Research and Scholarship Foundation. Proceeds from this fund sponsor the keynote address at the Washington State Horticultural Association annual meeting.