WAEF Donate A Bin Fundraiser!
The full match was achieved!

Thank you to each of our Donate A Bin contributors and our matching sponsors Fine Americas, Orchard-Rite, Wilbur-Ellis Company and Wilson Irrigation. Your combined efforts raised over $30,000 in this year's Donate A Bin fundraising to support WAEF activities! Each $100 donated to the promotion is recognized as one "bin" of fruit.


Donate A Bin contributors:

Ben & Andrea Cox
Blackhawk Orchards (6 bins)
Brandt's Fruit Trees (2 bins)
Carlos Lopez
Chelan Fresh (15 bins)
Chuck & Cathy Peters
Cliff & Janie Plath (10 bins)
Cowiche Growers
Cozy Cove Orchards
Craig & Maureen Homchick
Herold & Vicki Peebles (5 bins)
HR Spinner
Jacqueline Fanning (1.5 bins)
Jim & Cory Colbert (2 bins)
Larry & Susan Martin (1.5 bins)
Marjorie Weiss
Matson Fruit
McDewitt Orchard
Nancy & Stephen Buck (10 bins)
Pringle Orchards
Strand-Allen (1.5 bins)
Tom & Florence Rise
Tom Waliser

Thank you to our sponsors for matching your donations!