In addition to officers and directors, WAEF has active volunteers serving on various committees.  Please contact our office to learn more about the committees described below.

Investment Committee
The investment committee meets regularly twice each year.  The purpose of the committee is to review WAEF investment fund managers and ensure the fund counselor manages the WAEF account based on the foundations investment policies.  The committee will at times make recommendations to the WAEF board of directors regarding changes to the policy or management of the fund.
Chairman:   Darrin Belton

Audit Committee
The audit committee convenes once yearly, or as needed, to review the year-end financial statements, audit adjustments, tax forms and CPA findings in accordance with the annual audit contracted by the board of directors. 
Chairman:   Dwaine Brown, Treasurer

Scholarship Selection Committee
The scholarship committee is responsible for reviewing and awarding scholarships on behalf of WAEF and each of the scholarship funds managed by WAEF.  The scholarship review process, taking place in March/April, requires approximately 20-30 hours of independent review of qualified applicants by each of its member.  The committee meets twice yearly.
Chairman:   Kailan Dunn

Farmworker/Ag Worker Education Committee
This committee is responsible for the selection of the Farmworker/Ag Worker Education Program Community & School Grant recipients.  The committee meets once in the spring during the review and selection process and on occasion, meets once to twice during the year to discuss program priorities, changes and/or other activities focused on achieving the goals of the Farmworker/Ag Worker Education Program.  Committee members are asked to take advantage of opportunities throughout the year to learn more about the program recipients and community needs through site visits and other educational opportunities.
Chairman:   Rolando Martin

Strategic Planning
The strategic planning committee meets every other year to review the current strategic plan and update, as appropriate.  The work of the committee includes assessing the relevance of the mission statement, discussion of the Foundation's stated beliefs, and determining if the current desired outcomes and related goals remain true.  The strategic planning committee reports to the board of directors. 
Chairman: Larry Martin

Student Stewardship Committee
The student stewardship committee is focused on seeing WAEF student fulfill their academic dreams and graduate prepared to enter the workforce.  The committee meets twice annually and moves forward work throughout the year.  Committee members arrange opportunities for students to discover career opportunities within the industry and support degree attainment through activities on-campus, online and in student home communities.
Chairman:  Ben Jensen